Learn the basics for Cheer or work on enhancing the skills you have!  

Will work on motions, jumps, tumbling and learning the dance for beginner or advanced

Novice - (DOB 2006 - 2018) No experience with cheer

Levels 1-3 - No tumbling requirements 

Prep - (DOB 2006 - 2017) Little or no experience with cheer  (some tumbling experience & requirements from Levels1-3)

L1 (back walkover, L2 (back handspring) L3 (roundoff tuck) 

Elite 1 - DOB (6/1/03- 2016) Must have standing back walkover and running back walkover or front walkover series...example double balk walkover or front walkover/cartwheel to back walkover

Elite 2  - DOB (6/1/03- 2016) Must have solid standing back handspring and running back handspring series (example - roundoff double back handspring step out and fwo through to double back handspring)

Elite 3 - DOB (6/1/03- 2016) Must have solid multiple standing back handsprings and running round off back tuck as a minimum and should have specialty pass (example - roundoff back handspring/s to tuck, ariels, punch fronts, and fwo through to back tuck)

Open 4 - DOB (2008 or before)

Standing tuck

Back handspring to tuck

Round off Running layout (minimum)

Looking for Specialty series - example punch step out to round off backhandspring/s layout.


TINY Novice (2015 - 2019)  

Gold Rush Tiny novice will be 2015-2018

TINY Prep, Elite (2015-2017)

MINI Novice, Prep, Elite (2013-2016)

YOUTH Novice, Prep, Elite (2010-2016)

JUNIOR Novice, Prep, Elite (2006-2015)

SENIOR Elite (6/1/03-2010)

SENIOR Prep (6/1/03 - 2012)

Cheer Clinics

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