Team Placement Registration



Initial Team Placements

All athletes will have a personal appointment

(tryout will take approx. 20-30min)

or submit a virtual tryout


We have decided to extend our first set of tryouts!   Due to the pandemic, there are still athletes that did not get a chance to tryout.

  • If you already did your tryout and would like to know what level your athlete is currently at, please feel free to contact me via text or call 623-210-7222 and I will tell you their tryout results.  


Team Placement fee $35

all athletes will have to pay this fee prior to level results 

Virtual Tryout Payment
Level 1-2 Dance By Count
Level 1-2 up to speed

For Virtual Tryouts: 

Explain or demonstrate your tumbling & only demonstrate if you have a mat or tumble track to safely tumble.

Jumps: toe touch, hurdler, pike and a combo of 2 jumps

Motions: High V, Low V, T, broken T, daggers, candlesticks, buckets, touch down, low touch down, right punch, left punch, right High V, left High V, clap, cone, clean

Dance use our demonstration or feel free to be creative on your own using 2-4    8 counts - Have fun with a dance! We are not able to hold clinics or classes to teach a dance so if you are struggling with the dance we will not incorporate in your scoring, please know that due to the pandemic things will be different for this tryout! 

Feel free to wear any sports attire and if you have black and gold we would love to see you in our team colors! :)

We realize many athletes have not been able to practice and we will be taking many things into consideration! Having tumbling skills is awesome, however, that is not only determination of team placement Thank you and we are looking forward to an AMAZING 20-21!

1st 8 count faster dance
Rest of Faster Dance
Up to Speed Faster Dance
Toe Touch Jump
Hurdler, Pike Jumps
Combo Jump Example
Levels 1-3 Tumbling
Level 4 Tumbling

All jumps & tumbling examples demonstrated by Coach Johnny

These tumbling example videos do not include combination of skills which increases scores at tryouts so if you can add a front walkover and back handsprings before tucks/layouts that would be great!

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